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 PROFESSIONAL Texture Sprayer

EZ-Pro Texture
Professional Results Every Time

Our professional texture sprayer and pre-filled texture bags will keep you going faster and with less cleanup, making EZ Pro Texture, the hottest new & easy drywall texture repair method, Dries in only 30 - 120 minutes (depending on texture)

Also available in-store at :

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A Better Way To Spray

At EZ-PRO TEXTURE, we use non-toxic texture that can be used all over the house. No noxious fumes! Our sprayer utilizes a Venturi effect to create a vacuum, so with a slight amount of pressure on the bag (squeezing the bag) it forces texture up into the air stream. This will texture anything from a small patch to a complete room. Contact us today to speak with someone in customer service about using our professional texture sprayer and texture in a bag for your project.

This pneumatic Orange Peel and Knockdown texture gun is operated with compressed air and delivers texture that is pre-mixed in the bag. Each texture sprayer measures 8" tall, 6" wide with a custom tip that makes it easy to empty the 20 ounce pre-filled bag of texture. The EZ-PRO TEXTURE professional texture sprayer operates with a compressed air hose that can be any length. Best of all, it only takes an ounce of water to clean the gun when you finish your project.

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The Hottest New Texturing System for Patch and Repair on the Planet!

Each bag is made out of polymer plastic and measures 5" by 7"inches and holds approximately 20 ounces of material. This is enough for 30 square feet of lighter Orange Peel texture, or up to 20 square feet of Knockdown texture. All bags have a spout on the end that attaches to a connector on the tip of the gun. Our texture contains a preservative that extends the shelf life of the product to over one year. 

Gear up for your next job and start saving time by contacting us today at    (800) 991-6447 in Southern California,
for your EZ-PRO Texture sprayer and Pre-Filled bags, designed to save you TIME.

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