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Drywall Spray Gun Accessories

When you’re making textured wall repairs, you need to make sure you’ve got the right tools to complete the job. Our drywall spray gun accessories work together with our EZ-PRO Texture Gun and texture mix to create your finished wall look. Pick up a connector for your existing spray gun or a blade to finish your knockdown texture. 

A common pickup for our customers is our EZ-PRO Quick Connector. It connects right on the front of your existing texture gun. The connector is designed to fit perfectly with our texture bags. Our texture mix works great for knockdown and orange peel textures. The Quick Connector provides you the perfect access to our ecosystem of products if you are already happy with the texture gun you own. Make this upgrade today! 

Another of our drywall spray gun accessories you will find useful is the Knockdown Blade. This is a specifically designed tool for knockdown textured walls. A crucial step in knockdown wall textures is the knockdown process. Knockdown texture is applied more heavily than orange peel, creating large peaks and valleys. Once you’ve got your base texture, the Knockdown Blade is then used to lightly take off and level out the peaks of the texture. Lightness of touch is the key to getting the knockdown texture look. Mastering the use of this tool along with the application of the texture will give your wall and ceiling surfaces a professional and lasting look. 

These drywall spray gun accessories are perfect fits for your textured wall repair kit. Bring your spray gun to our texture bags and high-quality texture mix with the Quick Connector. A Knockdown Knife is also an essential tool in creating knockdown textures on your wall. EZ-PRO Texture products will be your new go-to in any textured wall repair situation you encounter. 



  • Texture is already Pre-Mixed in a Bag!

  • Eliminate that time consuming mixing



  • Excellent texture pattern

  • No Sign of repair!

  • Application takes just seconds


Great Value

  • Remaining Drywall texture can be used later

  • Quick & Painless cleanup

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