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Drywall Texture Spray Gun

If you’re making repairs and updating the finish on your walls, your solution is here with EZ-PRO Texture’s drywall texture spray gun. The EZ-PRO Texture Gun can handle both orange peel and knockdown wall texture styles with simple PSI adjustments and a little practice.  

This pneumatic texture sprayer is designed for repair work on small or large jobs with light to heavy textures. With some simple adjustments in PSI on the air compressor and a little technique, you’ll be able to create the ideal orange peel or knockdown drywall texture. Our bags of texture mixture are designed to fit perfectly with this drywall texture spray gun. We recommend setting your compressor to 60 PSI for orange peel or 30 PSI for knockdown, and you can make adjustments from there as you learn more about the process.  

One of the most important things before you begin applying texture is to get air flowing through the sprayer. You can then begin to squeeze the texture bag, pushing texture up into the stream of air. This is your main method of controlling the look of the texture as it’s applied, so watch how it comes out and adjust to match the existing texture. We’ve always found that knockdown texture is somewhat more challenging to master. The key to this one, once you’ve set the compressor to 30 PSI, is to always keep the drywall texture spray gun moving so you don’t load up too much in one area. You should also be closer to the surface to accomplish this look. Just don’t be afraid to squeeze the bag harder if you are not getting the amount of texture you desire on the wall.  

The EZ-PRO Texture Gun offers a lot of control and will only take a little practice to conquer. Be sure to follow the instructions we provide on this website. Don’t forget that before you do anything, always introduce the air through the gun before squeezing the texture bag to spray the texture mixture.



  • Texture is already Pre-Mixed in a Bag!

  • Eliminate that time consuming mixing



  • Excellent texture pattern

  • No Sign of repair!

  • Application takes just seconds


Great Value

  • Remaining Drywall texture can be used later

  • Quick & Painless cleanup

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