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Why Choose Our
Professional Texture Gun

EZ-PRO Texture brings you a simple drywall texture repair process with our professional texture gun that looks great and will last. We carry everything you need for that next texture repair job and can help you simplify the entire process. 

A great professional look is going to start with quality texture to match your wall. Our orange peel or knockdown texture always comes pre-mixed in the bag, saving you the time ordinarily spent on mixing. Our proprietary bags attach directly to our professional texture gun via the nozzle. Once your drywall texture repair is complete, you can save your leftover texture for later use. Each bag covers up to 20 to 30 square feet, depending on how heavy a texture you are going for. We offer various bulk options for purchase of texture bags so you can stay fully supplied.


Quality texture products go hand-in-hand with a quality application process. The EZ-PRO Texture Professional Sprayer is your ideal choice for drywall texture repair. With our professional texture gun, you can tackle any wall, small or large. It will work in applying light or heavy orange peel texture, light or heavy knockdown texture, and anything in between. Your texture options are controlled by adjusting the PSI of the air compressor and squeezing the bag while spraying. This provides an easy way to make adjustments to your texture so you can match the wall you are repairing. 

Our process provides the ultimate combination of "best" and "simplest" in drywall texture repair. Using our system, you can match any existing texture so the repairs aren’t even noticeable. The cleanup process is also quick and painless. Keep your remaining texture bags for future repairs. It’s a great option for any contractor, business or homeowner for quick and easy texture repair. 



  • Texture is already Pre-Mixed in a Bag!

  • Eliminate that time consuming mixing



  • Excellent texture pattern

  • No Sign of repair!

  • Application takes just seconds


Great Value

  • Remaining Drywall texture can be used later

  • Quick & Painless cleanup

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