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Drywall Texture Bags

EZ-PRO Texture has the best option for drywall texture bags that are pre-mixed. Our Ready-Mix Texture can be purchased in large quantities so you can stay stocked up for any repairs or tackle any retexturing jobs, large or small. Each texture bag contains 20 ounces of texture which can cover 20–30 square feet depending on the texture you seek to achieve.

An important thing to note with our drywall texture bags is the flexibility of the bag is crucial in the process of texture application. They are the ultimate control mechanism for the lightness or heaviness of the texture layer that is applied. This gives you the ability to exactly match the existing texture or go for a particular look on the texture you are trying to repair. Once your compressor is set to the proper PSI for either orange peel or knockdown, how you squeeze and manipulate the bag controls how much texture mix comes out of the bag. It’s also important to note that you should always have the air flowing through the sprayer before you begin to squeeze the bag and force texture up into the air stream. 

Each drywall texture bag can cover approximately 30 square feet of surface if you are doing a light orange peel texture, or up to 20 square feet if you are doing a knockdown texture. Take these numbers into account as you calculate the amount of surface you must cover. You can always save any unused bags, even if they are opened. You can purchase in quantities of up to 30 bags (case qty) at a time.

EZ-PRO Ready-Mix Texture saves you the time of mixing your own texture by doing it for you. It’s a high-quality product that applies easily to drywall.  

Already have an old EZ-PRO spray gun with the old hose barb? We offer a connector that works perfectly with our texture bags. So any style EZ-PRO sprayer, old or new, will work perfectly with our texture bags.  

You can always create the best drywall textures with EZ-PRO Texture products. 



  • Texture is already Pre-Mixed in a Bag!

  • Eliminate that time consuming mixing



  • Excellent texture pattern

  • No Sign of repair!

  • Application takes just seconds


Great Value

  • Remaining Drywall texture can be used later

  • Quick & Painless cleanup

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