Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to Dry ?

Light Orange Peel - 30 mins. or less Heavy Orange Peel - 60 mins. or less Knockdown - 1-2 hours After dry-time texture is ready for primer, then paint

What settings do I use on my compressor ?

60 PSI for Orange Peel, 30 PSI for Knockdown *2.5 CFM @ 90 PSI

How much does a bag cover ?

One bag will cover approximately 30 square feet of a lighter Orange Peel texture, or 20 square feet of Knockdown texture.

How do I use it ?

Please read these instructions completely before using this product. First and foremost, ALWAYS remember to knead or shake the bag thoroughly before spraying (15-20 seconds minimum). To apply bag to gun, remove cap (save cap), then push and twist bag up to the second line on the hose barb. The recommended air pressure from your compressor should be 60 psi (2.5 cfm) for Orange Peel, 30 psi for Knockdown, with a minimum 100 psi compressor. You can adjust the air to your liking as you become more familiar with the gun. *When shooting ceilings, you may want to increase the psi slightly. Once your air is set on your compressor regulator, and your bag is applied to your gun, you are now ready to start spraying. First squeeze the trigger and get the air flowing while moving the gun in a small circular motion. THEN squeeze the bag to push texture up into the air stream. But make sure you start with air first. Otherwise you will force texture into the chamber, and when you hit it with air it will splatter inconsistently. So again,,, ALWAYS, Air First, THEN squeeze the bag while keeping the gun moving in a circular motion the entire time. When using a brand new bag for the first time, the Venturi effect (pulling of texture from a full bag) will in fact spray a light Orange Peel Texture without squeezing the bag. However, the amount of texture being pulled from the bag will soon decrease and you will need to start squeezing the bag to achieve the desired texture pattern. Orange Peel: When shooting all levels of Orange Peel, set your regulator to 60 psi on your compressor regulator. Keep the gun moving in a small circular motion, pull the trigger, and let the air start pulling a slight amount of texture out of the bag. Then start applying pressure to the bag (squeeze the bag) to force out more or less texture to match the old texture you are repairing. Always start light, then build it up to the desired amount. You control how much or how little texture is being applied simply by squeezing the bag as you spray. That gives you tremendous flexibility to match whatever texture you are repairing, all with the same tip… Knockdown: There is a slight learning curve when shooting Knockdown, as in any trade application, but it can be picked up in no time. First, set your air at the regulator to 30 psi. Once you have the air set, and while you are pulling the trigger, start squeezing the bag and keep the gun moving. You’ll need to be closer to the wall for Knockdown. The harder you squeeze the bag the heavier your texture will be. Just be sure and keep the gun moving or you will load up too much in one area. This applies to Orange Peel as well as Knockdown. Remember, the thicker you’re desired Knockdown, the harder you have to squeeze. As stated earlier there is a slight learning curve with Knockdown. But rest assured, with a little practice you’ll be spraying perfect Knockdown in no time. But remember, shake the bag before spraying, and ALWAYS, air first, then squeeze the bag.

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